Mercer Street Fragrance

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What products are scented with Mercer St.?

Shampoo and Conditioners fragranced with our Mercer St. are:

FINE Shampoo and FINE Conditioner

MEDIUM Shampoo and MEDIUM Conditioner

THICK Shampoo and THICK Conditioner

Fur Bebe Pet Shampoo

Is Mercer St. available as an Eau De Parfum?

Mercer St is not currently offered as an Eau De Parfum fragrance. Need a Mercer St. Eau De Parfum in your life? Email us at or send us a video or audio message below and we'll happily pass your feedback along!


What does Mercert St. smell like?

Mercer St. is a citrusy lime fragrance featuring:

  • Top Notes: Italian Lemon, Orange, Peony, Iris, Lily
  • Middle Notes: Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose Damask
  • Base Notes: Musk, Orris
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